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          2017-2018 CREDAWARD 第四屆地產設計大獎•中國




          A Haskoll Project: Hailongtun won the 


          由地建師 | DJSER.com號召並發起的CREDAWARD地產設計大獎?中國始于2014年,由一群具有建築學背景的地產行業從業人員(即地產建築師)自發結盟,通過地產的角度評選設計,通過設計的視角甄選代表地產行業風向標的項目。


          The CRED AWARD was established by a group of real estate architects in China in 2014. They evaluate design works for their real estate value and excellent design quality.

          On Apr. 28th 2018, the award ceremony was opened. After the whole day speeches and the voting of 28 experts and nearly 30 judger, architects, and designers, the award list was finally annouced. 


          Hailongtun, a Haskoll Project, has won the Merit Award of Culture & Tourism Project.


          Haskoll China Managing Director Dr. Henry Yang and Design Director Gareth Hardy were invited to attend the ceremony. And Dr. Yang gave a speech of Hailongtun project during the activity.


          Merit Award of Culture & Tourism Project: Hailongtun




          The project locates at Hailongtunmilitary castle scenic buffer zone in Guizhou, China and the planning area is up to 31.37 hectares. Hailongtun is well-known as the historic birth place of Chinese Tusi Castle from the Song dynasty. It was listed in World Heritage Siteon 6th, July, 2015.

          Traditional dwelling inHailongtun are mainly built in wood, stone and clay. The architectural design for Hailongtun retained those old structures and material as much as possible and even reused discarded building components like doors and windows to stay consistent with the traditional residence.

          It is projected that new plan and design for Hailongtun will bring more chances for the tourism industry and local economy.

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